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Why SMS Marketing is useful for your Brand!

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Here are 8 key points to consider !!

It’s no secret that mobile phones hold key to future of brand marketing ,rather it has already started to take over baton from traditional channels with Smart phones driving more and more traffic.

Social media and email marketing have been used very well to it’s potential .But the text or SMS marketing is still under-utilized, despite of the benefits it hold. We need to change the perception that SMS is only for personal use.

Statistics on the reach of SMS

It’s an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, when integrated effectively with other channels .With the help of SMS marketing automation ,brands can create ,schedule,and automate targeting campaigns.

Here are some key points that we need to have a look at.

1. Open rate and Conversion rate

SMS has an open rate of 98% ,none of the email and social media messages will ever see open rate that high .

Brands that are actively running programs on SMS channel are aware the open rate and that drives the ROI back from this channel to the company.

SMS also has conversion rate of 45% which is pretty high too!

2. Positive Disruption

90% text messages are opened within 3 mins of being received ,which makes SMS marketing highly disruptive channel but it’s hugely positive disruption for end user and the brand .

This is because SMS marketing pulls customers from what they are doing and make them give attention to your brand.

3. ROI

For retailers SMS marketing has proved to have yielded very good ROI because of quick opens and direct responses from consumers in short order.

Despite the current price hike,SMS can still generate higher ROI than other ways.

4. Millennials prefer mobile marketing

Millenials know what information they want and they would like to access it in organic way ,they are highly aware of marketing and being marketed to .

Give younger customers opportunity to converse back and forth with your brand on the channel ,that’s easier for them.

5. Not just promotional but useful and crisp content

The trick is to make sure the content you send is to the point and sent at the perfect time and really useful to consumers and not just usual promotional message that everyone sends,yet you have blend in your time-sensitive offers in it .

6. Opt-in’s and no spam filters to deal with

It’s two way benefit, customers will get messages only when they opt-in and marketers also don’t need to worry that their messages will end up in spam folders.

7. Longevity

Despite all the technological advances in terms of social media channels and digital marketing , SMS has survived the test of time and is still very useful tool for reaching out to large number of people.

8. Brand Positioning

Your business activities help you build your brand identity .

By using SMS marketing ,you take one more step ahead ,this way you are sending your customers the message that you are tech savvy and at par with trends .

This way you are telling customers you are willing to switch to more convenient way of communicating to them.

Here’s an example of how SMS can be used in any E-commerce Industry or any industry that can send out offers

Sales Offer can be promoted by sending lucky draw number through SMS to the customer in which the code will be mentioned. The customer needs to register with that code on the site.

As we have seen above SMS has many benefits and hence is a powerful tool for marketers .But hold on there is a shocking news for everyone!!

The inevitable price revision of the Bulk SMS by the major telecom operators is effective since 15th May 2018.

To Read and know more about this: Click Here

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