A2P SMS Messaging is the effective way for promotions

Application-to-Person. How does this help?

With the growing number of digital services and web platforms, companies need to ensure their customers can securely and easily access their services and authenticate their identification or purchase.

As we know, in today’s world, it is unimaginable having to wait for an antiquated letter or filtering an email inbox to search for a validation code or for information on how to retrieve a password. It means that including an additional channel that features A2P message will help the company itself to deliver greater value into customer communication.

Moreover, by using A2P message, the consumers will be able to authorize themselves using a two-factor authentication mechanism, while providers have the additional security mechanism in place to make sure that their platforms are giving access to or communicating with the right person.

With increasing adoption, companies are turning to Application to Person (A2P) messaging to reach and engage with their target audience in a reliable, fast and secure way.

We have also heard about P2P Service, haven’t we? What is that?

P2P stands for Person-to-Person messaging. In simple terms, this is when two or more people communicate over text messaging. For example, when you send a text message from your phone to another person’s phone, that’s P2P. This can also include traffic that goes through an API to connect two people.

What is A2P Messaging?

A2P messaging implies application-to-person messaging. An A2P SMS is an SMS message which is sent from an application- typically a web-based one-to a mobile subscriber. Actually, it is the process of sending mobile messages from an application to a mobile user.

A2P SMS messaging is also called enterprise or professional SMS.

In addition it is a revolutionary short messaging technology that is growing in the market for the past decade. A2P is used for sending SMS messages from an application, the telecommunication company or an A2P SMS Service Provider makes this possible.

In general, A2P messaging allows an application to send a message (typically an SMS) or call directly to a user/customer.

A good example for that would be retail, finance/banking, and travel as they are showing a rising reliance on A2P messaging for flight alerts, account activity, notifications, and more to increase customer engagement and usage.

Engage with your customer easily, yield higher ROI & reduce your overall cost by 25%

Customer experience management (CXM) services are the largest revenue contributing application segment of the A2P SMS market.

Moreover, mobile marketing takes an important place in today’s business and also as SMS messages are opened more frequently and more quickly than email, messaging can meet the end-user’s more immediate needs.

SMS messages are typically read within 3 minutes and hit click through rates of 19% versus email at 2%.

This method which is the A2P messaging plays an important role in business as it will help the business itself to communicate with the customers and also consumers prefer their communications to be short, personalized and on their terms. A2P messaging for businesses enables a tailored experience for customers.

However there are some changes in the current scenario regarding the pricing since 15th May 2018. To read more about it. Click here

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