Vivaconnect celebrates women leadership at workplace

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Vivaconnect Wishes every WOMEN  a Happy WOMEN’S DAY!



There has been a tremendous progress made in hiring of women into leadership roles as per the recent survey.

On March 8th, VivaConnect will join the world to celebrate International Women’s Day. Let’s find out from national and international resource stats to learn the professional gender gap till now and how women are walking parallel with men throughout the world into various professions.


India is witnessing the maximum rise of Women leaders globally


Since 2008, more women have been hired into leadership positions around the world. INDIA, which has historically lagged in hiring women into leadership positions, has gained significant momentum with the largest percentage increase being hired into leadership roles i.e. up to 25% as per the recent survey. While Canada, the United States, and France have the highest percentage of women in leadership.



The education and nonprofit sector are leading the way in closing the gap between male and female leaders. In this sector, women are being hired for 47% of leadership positions. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals also have a high number of women in leadership with 40% of women being hired into leadership positions.

It may come as a surprise that the technology industry saw the largest change with an 18% increase in female leaders hired.


Women CEOs make up only 18% of the workforce

The single role that women hold more than men is Chief Human Resource Officer (56%, which is an increase of 82% since 2008). In contrast, women CEOs still make up only 18% of the workforce. At the director-level, hiring for women in the Director of Information Technology role has increased by 57% since 2008.


More women entering the tech

We also evaluated the roles women were being hired into overall. Interestingly, women were hired into technology job is on the rise. The top three job titles that have seen the strongest growth are all technology roles: User Experience Designer(67% increase), Chief Technology Officer (60% increase) and Web Developer (40% increase).



Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, so take a minute today to recognize someone who has paved the way for you.

Women – Such a beautiful miracle of God ♥ Mother – Wife – Sister – Daughter – Girlfriend and many more ♥


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