Things which no one else can do in this world, but your MOM.

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Remember the mother, not just mother Teresa but your ‘24/7/365 Mom’. Mothers are curious beings. Service and sacrifice are their central motto.

Your mother has been crazy enough to love you even though you probably aren’t worth it. It’s about time we start appreciating them. It’s about time we admit the things they do out of love for their children.


Feeds you more than your stomach can take and eats leftovers herself


“Aur ek roti, bas ek aur. Nai nai main baad mein kha loongi.”


When you were a kid, she’d check your lunch box every single day when you returned home from school and if it’s not empty you’re in a big trouble


“Khana accha nahi laga, tabiat toh thik hai teri? Main dusra kuch banake du?”


She backs you up when your result are too poor to show or be signed by your dad

Mother 3

“Maa sign kar do na, pleeeese.”


She’s always worrying about everybody’s health other than hers

Mother 4

Man what are you there for? Take care of your mother.


When you teach your amma how to text message in cell phone, next day she’ll message you asking  – haveyoueaten?

Mother 5

Amma where is the space in between the words, lol!


She acts as a substitute to alarm clock with no snooze button

Mother 6

“Uth jao bohot so liya, school ka time ho gaya hai.”


When dad gets super angry and is ready to whip you like hell, maa leaves everything she’s been doing and comes running to your rescue

Mother 7

“Ah, amma aa gayi, main bach gaya!” You can count on her in every situation.



Whenever you are a little late coming home, she bombards you with worried-sounding phone calls


Because you are the world to her and she cares for you more than anything.


She writes a long check list for your trip and inspects your backpack again and again to see that you remain comfortable when she’s not there to comfort you



You will always be her baby and she will treat you as such, even when you have your own children



At the end of a long hellish day, no matter what her mood is, she will sit at the table, see you eat and listen to your complains

Mother 11

Even when she understands nothing, even when she never complains about her work.


When you are doing late night study she’ll check on you every hour and make hot tea or coffee to keep you from dozing off

Mother 12

Next day she’ll wake up as usual and never complain about her loss of sleep. (Why not give her a present every time she does that)!


She can’t hold back her tears when you are hurt

Mother 13

But she won’t let you see her pain.


In your dark times she’s the one person in the entire world who will stand by you and will never deny you a hug



At time, she may dislike you or scold you but she’ll never abandon you, never stop loving you


She’ll come back and kiss you on your forehead and say “chalo sab thik ho jayega.”


” Happy Mother’s Day “

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