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The Beginner’s guide to SMS Marketing Automation

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Marketing is something which has to be reinvented with time and it’s important to get the job done with whatever tools you have at your disposal.

In today’s digital world which is an addition to traditional methods of marketing, there are so many platforms available to reach out to potential customers. That includes social media marketing ,mobile marketing and email marketing .

It’s very easy to overlook SMS marketing ,but you really should not miss out on this powerful tool ,whose strength is it’s directness and immediacy !! Now we have entered the new era of SMS 2.0. where we have automated sms marketing. SMS marketing does not stop by sending sms to people but is also accompanies with smart data, smart intelligence and smart experience.

Before we understand SMS marketing automation, lets understand sms marketing right from scratch — 1st step to SMS Marketing Automation. Also addressed as Smart Messaging Service.

1. Introduction to SMS Marketing

It’s a marketing through text messages. It is not invasive because anyone you message is required by law to opt-in and give their consent to be part of your marketing program.

2. Mobile keyword

It is any word you select for your customers to text in order to subscribe for your alerts .Choosing the right keyword is very important .It needs to be attention grabbing ,memorable and relevant to your business or promotion you are running .

3. Building your Mobile Database

Once you have collected your mobile data ,the next step is segmentation,which will help you to send right message at right time .

Combine human experiences and data to connect with your customers emotionally and intellectually .

4. Promotion

For your customers and audience, display on your website the convenient way to sign up for SMS alert program in few quick steps .

Place QR code on printed materials so customers can quickly receive deals and information .

5. Campaign

Some crucial things while developing your campaign are :

· Set the desired frequency

· Create a sense of urgency

· Pick the best opt-in incentives

· Include a clear call to action

· Provide value in your first message

· Decide on effective list promotion

The next step is measuring your campaign success accurately to see what worked and what didn’t, so you can improve your campaigns in future .

6. Test Everything

Depending on your industry and clientele, lot of variables can factor into which promotions work better than others like time of day, % off and which channel we use ,small things can affect your campaigns

· Measure the before and after results of your data

· Refine your data into segments

Using analytics results ,we can effectively make necessary changes and maximize results.

Who can use SMS marketing

From fortune 500s to local business owners, everyone can take advantage of this tool. This can include even government agencies, retail stores, online stores, restaurants, schools, churches .

To know about the further steps in sms marketing automation, Click Here

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