Social messaging apps & India

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As the phenomenon of social messaging apps steams hotter, every developer is jumping to have a piece of it. The number of messages to be “transacted” on social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Line are to grow from 27.5 trillion in 2013 to 71.5 trillion by the end of 2014 according to analyst Ovum.

In India we got ample social apps to choose from, right from global players WeChat, Line, Viber and Nimbuzz leading the way to Local players like Hike, who is catching up quick.

But isn’t it getting too crowded now ?

We users definitely love to communicate on mobile rather on the web and social apps are best for it. Taking advantage of which new apps are entering the market by day, with each claiming to be better and a lot different.

And if you happen to ask what’s different? They say …

We’ve got stickers! .. now frankly who cares about the stickers? At least I don’t and nor do I see any interest from my generation of users. All we want is getting the message across, then be it as a text message or a voice recording. For animate conversations, emoji’s have been great all this while

Shake Shake .. To strike a conversation with strangers, seriously?
The time where we are fighting for invasion of privacy, such a feature would only be a passing fad. Nothing long lasting.

There’s much more that can be accomplished over these apps, only if  developers give a listening ear to us users. For taking us away from our favorite messaging app, it has to be much better than fancy stickers or lame shake shake gimmicks.

And if you figure out the answer to it, you’ve got a successful app in making my friend 😉

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