Social Media & Mobile Marketing – A Seamless Integration

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Social media has grown exponentially strong in past 2 years and more so over Mobile. Over 33 million Indians flock twitter, 62 million Indians access Facebook over mobile phones and more than 100 million users are enjoying Internet over mobile.


Growing strong on Mobile
Interestingly, a mobile user spends about 65% of time spent posting photos, using maps, playing games, sharing content, blogging and reading over social media platforms. As mobile phone has made it easier for all to share and consume data on the move, that’s exactly where opportunity lies for Businesses, Brands and Enterprises to reach their target consumers. Needless to say, Mobile marketing is the key to unlock this potential reach.

Mobile Marketing – Its much more than what you think!
Let’s have a clear understanding of the term ‘Mobile marketing’ – It’s absolutely not about selling your products or services over mobile, Instead it’s about offering a warm experience of your brand through services of Voice Calls, Missed Calls, SMS, Email and Mobile Apps.

It has much to do with understanding mobile usage habit of your target consumers, addressing their requirement and gradually nestling your brand over mobile so that when they look out for your, you’ll be right into the spot.

Making things simpler and easy
Let’s say your brand has built a mobile app and you need more users through increased downloads. So how about saving them (user) the hassle of searching your app in the app store and instead giving them a missed call number to download the app. Just flash the number over social media & networking sites, as a user discovers and gives a give a missed call, a download link would be sent to him over a SMS.  One tap on the link and Voila, you’ll have one more user!

We all want things simplified for our customers and that’s a great advantage offered by Mobile marketing services. Mobile has changed the way we consume all sorts of online content and thus incorporating Missed call, SMS, & Voice services further enhances the engagement. Moreover it offers the quickest call to actiona zero or minimal cost engagement and an instant connect.

Mobile marketing services integrated over social media platforms has much to offer, have you tested it for your brand?


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