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The price of SMS has increased. Many are confused whether to still keep SMS in their marketing campaign, since that will make them extend their budget or should they abandon this tool? What about the benefits that they get from SMS. Here is answer to every marketers and brands confusion.

SMS PRICE HIKE!! Ever since the news got its confirmation there has been various queries and a tensed environment in the market with respect to what to do next if it’s not BULK SMS? Marketers are worried and rethinking about their marketing budget and plans. The increase is due to the Cartel Policy. All the major operators increased their rates of SMS since 15th May 2018. The price war has brought in major changes. The 3 key players — Airtel, Reliance Jio & Vodafone are driving the market. Due to the steep change in A2P messaging cost, there has been no option but to increase the price. However the providers says SMS service still stands out and is best way for marketing and re targeting their customers.

Recent statistics shows that SMS is becoming a powerful tool with time. The benefits which one can get through SMS automation have doubled with the increase in price. SMS automation are now just not limited with providing wider range of customers reach but helps to gain information about the person more efficiently and accurately.

SMS marketing is the most powerful tool to engage with your clients

In spite of the Price hike why one must still prefer bulk SMS service?

SMS Automation helps you to customize your target audience and the content as per your business demand. It lets you send promotional messages as well as customised content. SMS takes less than 7 seconds to get delivered with no barriers and have higher conversion rate. Also research says 79% of Smartphone users still rely on an SMS opt-in to assist them in making purchasing decisions while shopping.

Helo Marketing Cloud is one of the largest Mobile Media Companies with a potential reach of more than 30 million individuals per day across Mobility Platforms. We are experts in creating, developing and executing innovative mobile marketing campaigns using our revolutionary platform, Helo Campaign that integrates mobile, digital and social media. It leverages the power of its platforms combined with Analytics, AI & Machine Learning to deliver high engagement conversations between brands and its consumers.

Every brands desire is to achieve higher revenue and faster growth. For making your campaign successful and earn value it is important to target right person with right message by right channel at right time. This is the approach followed by HELO. We can reach out to the right target audience, get engagement for the brand, create a profile of the customers as per their needs, draw analysis from the campaign and finally segment and retarget the right audience. With this brands will be able to save their short term cost and increase ROI in long term. We also offer a specialized focus on increasing reach and maximizing ROI through SMS along with Voice, Missed calls & Emails. There are 5 In-house developed Communication Platforms that leverage the power of digital & social media to generate over 5 billion engagements per year.We have helped marketers to deal with the biggest challenge of Customer Acquisition & Retention in the most optimized way.

90% of mobile device users that enrolled in SMS loyalty clubs felt benefited from being involved in the program.

Helo wants to serve brands to engage with its customers well and aims to provide greater ROI and reduce your overall cost by 25%. Get connected to us by just calling on ‘+91 83 83 83 83 99’ or can visit @ www.helo.co.in

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