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SMS Marketing with Data Analytics. Is it effective?

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SMS Marketing Automation is a combination of SMS Marketing along with Analytics

Why using data analytics tools are very important to a business?

In today’s world of commerce, data plays an important role in business as data and business go hand in hand. In fact, a business or an organization will not function and do what it intends to do without data and information. Actually, the times have changed and at the center of it all is data and information and how they are used to achieve business goals. Data is what’s keeping the pace of many industry leaders and top-tier companies around the world. Many business and IT experts and have recommended that business organizations invest in data gathering and data analysis tools if they want to keep up with their competition.

As we said below, data plays an impotant role in a business’s life as it is collected facts and statistics of business operations. In fact, data can be used to measure and record a wide range of external and internal business activities. Although some of the data collected may not be informative, it is used as the basis for all reporting, planning, strategizing and crucial business decision making at all business levels. Its importance cannot be understated as it provides the basis for daily business operations. That is why it is necessary to use a data analytics tool in business in order to measure and also record external and internal business activities. They are especially helpful in Business to Consumer (B2C) applications. A part from that, data analytics also involves the practice of figuring out how an organization will implement strategies to achieve goals. They can also help enhance managerial processes and push organizations to the next level.

Different terms come to mind when talking about data analytics. It could be business intelligence, big data and data science. But actually, most of these practices can be utilized to solve similar business issues and challenges. To some people, data analytics might be a new term, but it has been around for a while now. It can be described as the “qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to improve productivity and business gain”. Furthermore, data analytics is at the heart of all the technology-driven marketing automation. Today, integrated Analytics has gone a step further and become a key driver of Business Intelligence (BI), which is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help our executives make informed business decisions. It is actually, no longer restricted to marketing messages; it is now touching bottom lines and strategy alike.

Another thing would be, if data is studied and analyzed properly, they can help any business organization find information that can bring a big change in the patterns of how they are already going.

As we know, nowadays, SMS marketing is one of the best and successful strategies that business should adopt in order to promote their products or services via mobile, which is also called “Mobile Marketing”. In order to track our SMS marketing campaign, it is necessary to use data analytics tools. In general, by choosing and using data analytics tools, we will be able to track the hyperlinks within our SMS marketing messages, and who clicks on them as well and what they then go on to do, it is very essential that business use an analytics tool to follow user behavior and conversions. Actually, it is also vital that we monitor our results and collect data in order to judge the ongoing and overall success of your SMS marketing campaign, and to optimize future campaigns for improved results. That is why, there are several free and paid for analytics tools that are available on the market itself. However, by far and away the most popular application is Google Analytics, due to its advanced functionality and, of course, because it is free to use.

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