Pack your brand with Lunchbox

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Mumbaities availing services of Dabbawala’s were treated with something more than their usual hot home cooked meal. On Monday of 11th February, when people sat down for lunch and opened their Tiffin, a lakh others must have been delighted as I was to discover an attractive white-n-red card nicely tucked in a plastic casing that read ‘Bring your Colour home’. As I hastily opened up the folded card, on the inside it read ‘Today your dabba will bring your colour home’

It was a smart marketing act by leading home décor brand asian paints where the card urged to send a SMS with a message ‘COLOUR’ to 56161 to receive a free copy of the IDEAS ON ROYALE DÉCOR  BOOK. Moreover, 5 lucky winners would be chosen through a lucky draw for a free wall make over.


Now I can hardly imagine anyone not been tempted by this offer. In today’s time where having a wall makeover can cost anywhere between 3,000-6,000 (that’s the least), if someone offers me a free wall makeover, that too by experts at a mere cost of SMS. I’d be crazy not be participate in this mesmerizing offer.

asian paints must have had a whooping response considering there are 2,00,000+ Tiffin deliveries across Mumbai. Now that’s some quality leads, ain’t it?

I find this marketing strategy awesome for the following two aspects. Firstly, use of Mumbai Dabbawala’s to take the message across & secondly having call for action over Mobile, guaranteeing quick & easy participation.

Dabbawalla’s are an epitome of Punctuality, Reliability & Perfection. Any message brought my them would be embraced with respect & given due attention.

While Mobile marketing is truly amazing for creating highly creative & interactive campaigns which takes the Advertising & Marketing campaigns on a level above. People don’t have time & need instant gratification of services. Needless to say, Mobile is the key to it.

Just imagine that you received  this card & were asked to post it back through mail filling in your name & address to participate. What was the probability of you carrying it safely home, filling & posting?

Got the difference 😉

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