Mobile Phones, Then and Now – The Timeline Tale.

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Well, with the comeback of NOKIA 3310, we are lead to the main shift in mobile economy where we are taken aback by a question,

“What is a feature phone doing in a Smart Phone’s world”? With the ‘unbreakable’ Nokia phones, we always preserved these handsets at our homes for a reason. There’s always a day when we enter a service station of our smart phones and look for spares while our phone is being repaired. This spare, though without internet and camera, keeps us up with the basic facilities along with small entertainment quotient packed in the games that we used to enjoy. It takes us back to the nostalgic era of the 90s. It’s time for you to recollect, the first ever mobile phone which you got in your life. Yes, let’s turn back time again and relive those old mobile galleries.

It was just yesterday when we had our fathers buying Reliance handsets and we were so excited to show it off that yes! Finally we own a mobile phone. Nokia followed the trend and became the biggest seller of the mobile handsets then in 90s.

The pressure of the board exams and the anxiety was writ on the parents’ faces too which made them buy their kids mobile phones to stay connected to them. The first mobile phone made our smile to run for miles. In school or colleges, you could see students competing and arguing which phone is better. Is Nokia N series better or the Motorola Razr; curiosity ended with confusion as no one was clear with the features. The mobile market boomed with feature phones and every company wanted to be different to stay ahead. The first gaming phone Nokia N-gage remains a legend also initial app based phones like Nokia 6600 were a huge hit in the market as well. Sony Ericson Walkman series phones gave us one of the best music experiences of our time and there were lots of other amazing phones.

The photography skills to browsing new songs, everything seemed to get better with the release of new handsets each day. We were just waiting for something different each and every day. We were short of SMS packs and the pocket-money was exhausted on mobile recharges. We were relieved when Facebook and WhatsApp were introduced. It made the world seem smaller and everyone seemed closer. Imagining a day without internet, now, can seem as a curse and a boon for few.

To disrupt the whole market, Apple iPhone 3G emerged and we were left stunned with the absolutely new way of using phone by soft touch. But soon we realized it was just for the elite. The rest had to go on with their Nokia and Samsung handsets with others falling for better features of LG and the like.

Shifting from a normal cellular handset to a feature phone to a smart phone, we have experienced all the joys and pains of owning each one of them. With introduction of hard and fast technology and compressed phones, network changes, more service providers, better clarity, better picture quality and sound bass, our wants have turned into needs. We long for better Android versions and upgradation of our Data from 2G to 3G and now, 4G.

The world ran so fast that we did not realize when our daily soaps shifted to web series and there was a world away from our idiot box. This world can fit in our pockets and we can carry it anywhere we want.  The advertisements which we wanted to avoid became a compulsion to watch on YouTube. Investors started paying big for advertising online on Facebook and Youtube instead of investing on television and print which was way too costly. With the time drifting away like sand, every sunrise comes with a new campaign to view and appreciate. The pace that we are running with, we are getting digitalized each day with every approach. Banking has gone to the computers and mobile banking and now you have apps for all. One click and you have a movie downloading, with another click you are traveling somewhere, new clothes collection, paid electricity bills, filed insurance policies; everything on just a gentle click on your mobile.

Digital marketing is running successfully but we see mobile marketing is running parallel, catching hold of every new parameter which is soon going to lead the advertising industry. One SMS can hold a new world with just an attached link. One missed call can open so many engaging possibilities. Voice calls and Emails marketing can do wonders too. More the services, more the benefits we get through Mobile marketing.

VivaConnect is one such built platform which gives a way for each obstruction in advertising. Easy services on your mobile phone. Voice has a great impact and so does the graphics. One call and you can hear English spoken classes in the rural areas. You can vote your star with just a missed call. You can impress your client with an email of your products. VivaConnect has been connecting many brands to their customers.

While we wait for more advancement in technology, maybe we get a software to teleport us back in time to see from where we started and where we have reached. Or a mobile phone which can record all our memories so that we can relive the nostalgic moments. We can hope for this to turn into reality as the future is a mystery.

Till then, Keep Connecting!

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