Making 3 crore impressions over mobile, everyday!

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Replying to Anil Mascarenhas of IIFL, Vikram Raichura says, “We manage a three-way traffic 365 days a year through Voice Calls, Missed calls, Emails & SMS. Our service platforms make over 3 crore impressions daily through transaction and marketing services.


Give us a brief overview of the mobile marketing business in India. Could you share some numbers? What is the outlook?

Mobile marketing has grown to become a hard to miss medium of brand communication. Just over a few years, businesses and enterprises have realized the importance of this media vehicle and its potential reach to communicate with the mass audience. The next few years will be a challenging time where brands will resort to action marketing with mobile being the key driver. Mobile will augment online and traditional media campaigns to drive engagement and community building for the brands.


Explain to us your business model. Give us a revenue-break-up from various segments.

Our business model is focused around services. We believe in creating a value for our clients and treat ourselves as an extension to our client. We do not believe in selling our inventory for the heck of it, but we sell our inventory only if it fits into the overall brand strategy and the long-term objectives of our clients.

We devise complete mobile strategies for our clients and provide state of the art solutions around the overall product Plans.


How was the response to the Narendra Modi campaign conducted from your end?

Bharatiya Janata Party, under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi had opted for our service LiveTalk to reach audiences across India, going beyond those gathered at the rally.

The idea was to have people connected with rally regardless of their location. Thus LiveTalk made it easy to access over any make of mobile & kept it free of premium charges or subscriptions.


What are the opportunities and challenges in this business?

The grown interest from Brands for integrating mobile services in their Advertising and Marketing campaigns, has brought great opportunity for us. Now the challenge lies in connecting with their desired target group and delivering of message efficiently. While doing so, the following distinction plays an important role.

The urban population is densely exposed to media vehicles at every corner, so for them mobile is a means of easy engagement with a brand. For this segment, wrapping services with creativity plays a vital role making it stand apart from marketing herd.Mobile apps are the opportunists here.

Whereas rural regions are sparsely touched by media vehicles, so there mobile plays a dual role of taking the brand to people and building up the engagement. For this segment ease of access, affordability and connectivity (like usage of rural language, etc)plays an important role. Missed call, Toll-free and SMS services fare extremely well here.


What are some of the innovations taking place in the industry. Comment about your LiveTalk product.

These days our industry is mesmerized by Mobile Apps and myriad possibilities offered over it. Everyone from E-retailer to restaurants and Big budgeted movies to political parties are fancying mobile apps. It’s the flavor of the season.

LiveTalk is a groundbreaking product that audio broadcasts live events over a phone call. It holds a phenomenal capacity of connecting over 1,00,000 calls in a span of 3 hours.


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