Joie de Viv(a)re : Where Talent meets Opportunity

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“You don’t know you’re an artist, until you pick up the brush and start, and VivaConnect is a place where every person is handed a brush to paint their own success story.”

Fun at VivaConnect

We are a Mobile Media Company with largest infrastructure for Voice and Missed Call services in India. People come before titles at VivaConnect. You don’t need a title to lead, a designation to dream or approval to express your freedom.

A team that eats together, succeeds together. The provision for free homemade food along with evening snacks at our workplace respites our employees who hesitate in eating outside food. The long list of perks and benefits while working with VivaConnect takes care of your stability as well. Competitive salaries, friendly policies, mobile and travel reimbursements, medical insurance, and social security benefits are just few of those. The low attrition rate is a clear indicator of loyalty and satisfaction level of our employees.

Every employee has a set of work priorities and understanding those requirements is crucial. If working from a remote location lets you deliver great results, you’re free to do that. We’re that flexible.

Work and fun are not separate entities at VivaConnect and it’s an uncommon habit of our employees to stop every now-n-then and wonder, “Am I having fun in midst of work, or I’m doing work in midst of fun?

To join our league of legends, drop us a mail at, and be a part of the innovation.

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