It’s high time to include Predictive Analytics in your Content Strategy!

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Predictive Analytics: 

What is predictive analytics?  At its core, predictive analytics involves analyzing established data patterns to predict future behavior and events.

Predictive Analytics in Marketing:

For marketers, these predictions mean analyzing marketing data for patterns of buyer engagement and behavior. Predictive analytics are used to determine customer responses or purchases, as well as promote cross-sell opportunities. Predictive models help businesses attract, retain and grow their most profitable customers. Using developments in machine learning and predictive analysis, it is now easier than ever to identify hidden opportunity in your customer data – and the best bit is that the opportunities are huge.


 How you can use Predictive Analytics in B2B Marketing:

  1. Expanded Social Media Presence: Social media utilizes predictive data to see what people want to see and read more about. In other words, predictive analytics can be used to optimize a company’s use of social media. It means that companies can see trends or phrases from their predictive analytics marketing and use it on their desired social media platforms.
  2. Generate and Nurture Leads with More Personalized Messages.
  3. Accuracy: With B2B sales, which tend to have more established marketing patterns, the predictive calculations of machine learning tools are incredibly accurate. Similar businesses have similar needs and therefore the machine draws on existing data that, in turn, leads to more accurate predictions.
  4. The scope of Unknown Opportunity: B2B organizations operating in a broad range of industries many are more likely to find gaps in their marketing strategy. Predictive analytics identifies broad gaps in a company’s presumed customer profile.
  5. More Sales: Predictive Marketers are more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average.


Similarly, Predictive Analytics with Helo Marketing Cloud helps you with the benefits of knowing your target audience and thereby you can build the right content for the right person and flash it at the right time. This can also help you plan your marketing strategy effectively. Here, Vivaconnect’s latest core product – Helo Marketing Cloud comes out to be a bliss for B2B marketers.

Benefits of Helo SMS Campaigns

Helo SMS Campaigns are tailor-made keeping in mind client’s requirement and ensure that they get accurate and expected results. Clients are assured of a seamless communication flow and an increased ROI. In fact, Helo SMS Campaigns increases SMS marketing ROI by 1.5x at 25 percent lower cost.

Further, it clearly helps the brand in extending its reach, engagement, profile and also in retargeting and automating the entire process. What more? Lead generation, brand awareness, customer acquisition, feedback, surveys, customer service notification, contests, loyalty and media effectiveness tracking is all a cake walk with Helo SMS Campaigns. 

The Challenge of Predictive Analytic

Predictive analytics is the weakest data skill among B2B marketers, their team, and their organization. It’s funny, but most of the organizations still do not use it. Analytics is basically getting closer to your customers, so close that you can tell them what they will need well before they realize it themselves. It’s clear that marketers need to stop merely discussing the merits of using data to make accurate predictions and begin to actively do something about it

How Helo Marketing Cloud can Help

While predictive analytics represent an invaluable and essential tool for developing an effective marketing strategy, finding those with the skills to execute this kind of data analysis represents a considerable challenge. To help make the work of predictive analytics more accessible, Helo Marketing cloud has developed an exhaustive real-time analytical dashboard showcasing campaign performance and user behavior based on measurable data, thus providing future business insights for re-targeting.

Helo Marketing Cloud dashboard provides a user-friendly-interface designed to consolidate an otherwise confused clutter of disparate data sources in a single display.  Helo Marketing Cloud’s analytical components consist of Date-wise stats, User stats, User mobile details, social influence, Demographic information, Traceable links etc.

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