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Is Business Growth Possible through SMS Marketing Automation?

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What’s the first thing that comes to the mind for Business Growth?

It’s marketing infrastructure! It’s proven that capitalizing in the right marketing strategy can surely increase ROI of the brand. However, how can a brand be assured that it is investing in the right marketing strategy?

It’s obviously beneficial to have a great product but, it will never be a success unless the potential customers know about it. That’s where marketing infrastructure comes in. Marketing requires careful thought through and often demands a multi-channel strategy. It is more than advertising as it involves planning, implementing and working in sync with strategies to achieve them.

For a progressive marketing approach, a brand needs to know what they want to achieve through their marketing strategies that can help in increasing the customer base and sales.

Sometimes brands have more than one type of customer in mind and have to work on their marketing strategies accordingly. Brands need to plan different strategies for its potential customers while cleverly focusing on the variants of customer insights and customer analytics. They should know which market to focus in order to achieve increased ROI. With increasing marketing channels, now some businesses have started abandoning traditional advertising in newspapers, magazines and radio for cost reasons. But a number have found other ways of getting their message out via other cost-effective marketing channels. These new channels such as social media, SMS integration etc. have explored the marketing techniques and fetched decent progress to the brands.

Need of Segmentation

In order to create personalized marketing strategies and campaigns, it is essential for brands to be fully aware of the changing trends in the market. This isn’t it; brands must also be attentive to the customer insights and customer analytics within the market so that the marketing strategy can be planned accordingly. Marketing Infrastructure needs to be specifically segmented based on all the factors affecting the target group.

For this, a brand must first identify its audience and then target that audience with their unique marketing strategies. This can be further extended to understanding the buying patterns of potential customers, their location, their needs and how they respond to campaigns. Thus segmentation is important for the accurate use of marketing tools so that greater response can be achieved.

Market segmentation is basically divided into 4 fragments, geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural.

These models give clear and critical information about the customer insights in order to target the right people with the right message. An in-depth study of these fragments along with the combination of new marketing tools and old techniques shall accelerate the progress of the marketing campaign. The bottom line is that segmentation and advanced statistical techniques have helped the brands in accomplishing a level of superiority that was previously available to only the big brands. Now, marketers can identify the right customers to contact in the channel that each customer is most likely to respond to at the right time for the customer.

Measuring the Effectiveness

It is obvious that marketing infrastructure is one of the biggest and most important expenses that any brand will make. After all, if a brand is not doing the right things to attract customers, then the brand cannot grow in both size and revenue. That is why effectiveness of marketing campaigns is studied to understand the important implications for a brand. From the initial contact, to becoming an actual customer, brands need to track where they attracted customers and lost potential customers in the lead process. This isn’t it; a strategic marketing campaign helps a brand comprehend how effective each phase of a specific marketing plan was.

Marketing infrastructure has a direct impact on the ROI; hence it is given high importance. When reviewing the campaign outcome, a brand should be able to measure how much of an increase ROI and site traffic can be directly tied to the campaigns that are running. While a certain marketing campaign might not directly lead to an immediate increase in sales volume, it can still help grow your business through an increase impressions and brand awareness.

A detailed study of marketing effectiveness can provide comprehensive information that will anytime help in making informed, data-driven decisions.

However, it would be more beneficial for the brand if one platform can do the segmentation as well as study the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Strategic use of such platform will help in increasing customer engagement, widen brand awareness, improve customer relationships and increase ROI.

After an in-depth market study, big brands now suggest that SMS marketing is the only platform that is the most effective if implemented right way. SMS marketing can be used for a variety of great reasons such as: coupons, appointments, reminders, events, feedback, votes, contests, information, and more. It allows a brand to engage with customers and build close customer relationship. But for this, a brand must send an effective campaign. Here are some key elements to make an effective SMS marketing campaign.

SMS marketing is a great way to study customer insights and customer analytics, as well as turn them into referrals for new customers.

It is a must-have tool for brands that are looking to deepen their customer loyalty. It takes advantage of the unique opportunities mobile has to offer by offering personalized experiences to attract customers. It gives marketers an opportunity to deliver entertaining, informative and transactional messages and real-time experiences.

SMS marketing reaches all opted-in mobile users and offers immediacy in the form of a text alert. The key to a successful SMS campaign is to understand the audience, the business goals and learn to measure them accordingly. SMS marketing can be your right channel either used independently or as a part of cross channel automation mix.

Most of the cross channel marketing automation platforms rely on third party organizations for their segmentation and analysis but Helo, a Smart Messaging Platform, helps with ground level analytics in targeting & acquiring more customers.

With nearly 2 decades of expertise and excellence in marketing solutions and its own SMS delivery solution, Helo ensures significantly better performance every marketing campaign. It delivers the lowest cost of consumer’s acquisition compared to any other channel for its brands. It has helped marketers deal with its biggest challenge of customer acquisition & retention in the most optimized way.

Helo Marketing campaign has revolutionized the way brands say hello to their customers.

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