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How will SMS Automation Affect Your SMS Technique?

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Technology innovations have improved the connectivity between friends, departments, employees and prospects. Businesses now run successfully over the world because of better connectivity.

Today’s business ecosystem is connected to each other 24X7 that has increased the pressure of performance. Emails and Phone calls will always be present in our day to day communication but SMS can be a far less intrusive way to communicate with people.

We are so addicted to mobile phones now that on an average we view our phone 440 million times a day.

A research was conducted to know the time taken by people to view their mobile phones after waking up. It was found that 50% people of age group 18–24 view their phones within 5 minutes. Similarly 51% of people view phones within 15 minutes and 65% people view their phones within 30 minutes after they wake up

Smartphone users across all age groups are more actively using social networks, instant messaging and multimedia messaging service. Consumers are experiencing a convergence of services, with social media platforms now offerings IM, news articles and short videos directly into personal feeds, which has increased the data consumption and need for proper speed.

SMS automation is a solution to engage with consumers 24X7 because it’s the era of mobility.

According to google the mobile usage is increasing day by day and we now spend more time on our phones that makes our life busier. With SMS automation one can record, analyze and respond to customer query whenever needed. Automation reduces the time and resource load on the organization. It reduces manual work of sending multiple messages to clients and helps to invest that time in productive task that would bring greater ROI to the business.

In spite the advantages served by SMS automation there are following limitations associated with it:

1. Limited Space Availability

SMS is a short form tool that provides limited space to user for conveying the message. So the message needs to be on point and crisp to make user engage.

2. Difficulty in Engagement

As the message conveyed is limited with words it’s a challenging to get consumers engage with the concise content. To get involvement content should be something that grabs attention of the reader.

SMS messages have 98% open rate which makes it an effective channel of communication both for clients and employees.
With bringing automation in SMS the productivity increases within the business as time and resources of business are spent on other tasks which help to save resources and utilize them in other productive work.

As SMS automation helps brands to reach prospects easily and efficiently, Helo marketing cloud has built Helo campaign with the same intention to make life easier for marketers and to engage them with their customers. Helo Campaign is leveraging the power of all its best platforms combined with Analytics, AI & Machine Learning to deliver high engagement conversations between brands and its consumers.

It provides a tool that is designed in a way that will reduce the workload of the marketer. The tool helps to launch campaign in three simple steps which takes less than a minute to get complete. We have built an automated tool that saves time of a marketer and the process so friendly that helps to integrate and execute easily. Once the campaign starts it provides ground level analytics which gives a complete insight about profile behaviour and tells what should be the next step in the campaign. It is a seamless process as it is helpful for sending announcements, promotional message and gain feedback instantly. It ensures and delivers the lowest cost of consumers acquisition compared to any other channel for its brands. It has helped marketers deal with its biggest challenge of Customer Acquisition and Retention in the most optimized way. To learn more about SMS Marketing Automation tool, Read Here

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