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How to make SMS marketing Efficient & Effective at the same time?

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SMS marketing is becoming more powerful with time and is one f the best ways to reach large targets. It is one of the most effective tools of marketing as it provides quicker delivery, has higher conversion rate, helps to send concise content and has no delivery barriers. Though there is a rise in SMS price in last two months according to experts it will still serve benefits for brands using SMS marketing as their channel of communication.

We know SMS is an efficient tool because of the various benefits it serves over other channels of communication. However marketers tend to ignore the effectiveness of this tool and therefore are not able to utilize the full potential of the tool. Once a SMS campaign is launched marketers fails to look at one of the most important part that is -analytics .Now as they ignore the analytics part, the next time they run a campaign result does not get improved but the cost rises with every new campaign. Marketers simply uses SMS marketing tool as spray and pray which means SMS’s are bombarded randomly without recognizing the right target audience. Due to SPRAY and PRAY technique that is adopted by marketers it results in poor customer experience, lesser conversions and high cost of communication. Another reason of SMS being an ineffective tool is marketers doesn’t analyze the right time to send the SMS according to the target audience and also doesn’t segment data after each campaign they run.

Let’s see what Analytics does to make SMS marketing an effective tool:

1. Analytics helps to generate date wise statistics which helps one to know the impact on daily basis.

2. It helps to showcase user’s statistics which makes one understand the audience in a better way.

3. Analytics gives a privilege to understand the user’s mobile details which helps one to know what type of content is required while a campaign is made.

4. It helps to know the users social media presence and understand the content that the user like which also helps to create future content for such users and target them.

5. The most important thing is it helps to know the demographics of the users which again help to do smart segmentation for retargeting.

6. Analytics also allows to trace the links the user are using which helps to understand the mindset of users.

As Smart messaging services helps brands to reach prospects easily and efficiently, Helo marketing cloud has built Helo campaign with the same intention of to make life easier for marketers to engage with their customers. Helo Campaign is leveraging the power of all its best platforms combined with Analytics, AI & Machine Learning to deliver high engagement conversations between brands and its consumers. For making your campaign successful and earn value it is important to target Right Person with Right Message by Right Channel at Right Time. This approach is followed by HELO. It can reach out to the right target audience, get engagement for the brand, create a profile of the customers as per their needs, draw analysis from the campaign and finally segment and retarget the right audience. With this brands will be able to save their short term cost and increase ROI in long term.

The retargeting engine at HELO works in a different way that helps to target right audience at right time. For instance there is a SMS with Helo smartlink sent to 5 lakh people. Out of which 10000 people clicks on the smartlink so these 10000 users are redirected to conversion page. The rest 4 lakh users are the ones who haven’t clicked on the link. So what Helo does is it tries to approach these users from other channels of communication like through social media. Also out of these uninterested users DND users are classified and are made sure that these people are not sent any further SMS and are targeted by other channel of communication.

As retargeting is done exclusively using proper data and analytics it is obvious that there will be changes in the cost structure because of the approach followed by HELO.

Increase your marketing ROI by 1.5x

For instance, SMS has been sent to 1 lakh customer database 3 times in a week. So if the campaign is done by someone who doesn’t follow the approach followed by HELO it will target 3 lakh customers in week ,where else HELO will only target 150000 customers according to clicks received by the users and by doing smart segmentation. As lower number of customer are targeted each time the SMS is being sent, the response rate increases due to which there is an increase in ROI. This is the approach followed by HELO which makes it different in the market and helps to provissde its clients with increased ROI and also helps to reduce the overall marketing cost by 25%.

Once analytics is used along with AI it will help to serve better to the customers and make SMS marketing efficient & Effective at the same time.

Many brands have chosen Helo to acquire more customers and turn them to loyal customers successfully. Due to which the see an increase in their ROI. Brands are utilising the benefits with a 25% reduction in the overall marketing budget. Brands like Mondelez, Pepsodent, SBI, Yes Bank, Johnson & Johnson, are happily staying above their competition after being powered by Helo Campaign.

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