Consumer Personalization: Striking a customized marketing chord with your customers!

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Marketing is a contest for people’s attention”, says Seth Godin, a highly celebrated author of more than 18 extensively read books. But, is it that easy to grab all the attention of the targeted curious, adventurous and experimentative souls out there?

What is that sizzling M’ (marketing) factor which is hidden for some marketers but has made itself quite obvious for few others? Well, it is actually the practice of customizing the products and services according to the tastes and preferences of the potential customers before pitching to them directly in the global market. In fact, today’s business world relies more heavily on personalization than it ever did before.

What more? Customization also brings a business closer to it’s loyal as well as fresh customers with a tinge of the personal element in the whole endeavor.

This accelerating drift towards customization has an equal and opposite reaction from the other side as well! The customers have now started expecting much more from the brands in terms of better-tailored products and services with great personalization at no enhanced cost to them. This rising need of being pampered by the businesses has given birth to a dynamic business environment where the offerings/deals fail quickly if they do not find a perfect fit as per the visualized satisfaction of the buyer.

So, the mantra for fruitful marketing today is to find suitable products for the customers and not the other way round where an unproductive marketing strategy and the desperate salespersons run after the weakest possibility of selling off their products or services to their customers. And this can be only achieved through consumer personalization.


Helo Marketing Cloud for consumer personalization

A bright day for any marketer would typically include understanding his customers accurately, convincing them about the offered service or product and then finally building a rock-hard brand reputation with widest geographical presence. Well, Vivaconnect’s latest core product—Helo Marketing Cloud does just that and helps a true marketer to excel in this tough time of cut-throat competition. It promises to bridge the gap between any promising business and its focused consumer clan by equipping its marketing personnel with the tools to learn more about the consumers’ persona (hailing from across demographics, segments and interests) and decode the hidden signals that are often criminally ignored.


The crucial tasks of generating awareness, ensuring friction-less engagement, result-oriented data analysis and business development are all performed by Helo Marketing Cloud which gives complete consumer profiling through a link shortener which can be used in an SMS. What more? Helo’s analytical engine also provides important business insights to the brands about what, how, when to communicate with the customers and through which medium. Through this way, you can make your business outshine its competitors even at the international scale. The main USP of Helo Marketing Cloud is that it reaches to only those people who have used online services across various geographies of India, thereby, eliminating wastage.

In a nutshell, through Helo Marketing Cloud, you can successfully build a corporate data cloud to decode the consumer behavior. And the more a business knows its customers, the beauteous is the experience for both of them with lucrative ROI for the business and value for money for the consumers.

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