Come in, WE’RE OPEN! Voice API Platform for everyone

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“We have started the new year with a bash. With launch of Helo, our marketing cloud, we declare ourselves open to all voice aggregators and developers who are looking for APIs to build their products and solutions”, says Vikram Raichura, Managing Director,


VivaConnect is making it big in the Mobile Marketing Industry by currently leading the voice and missed call market in India with 80% of aggregators using VivaConnect platform through APIs. It manages a daily traffic of over 50 Million outbound calls through their pool of 2000 PRI lines.

Catalyzed by the increased market of the mobile phones, the company focuses on utilizing mobile phones for its core feature, CALLING. Whether they are broadcast or customized calls, OBD calls, Missed calls, IVR calls with DTMF input or any other medium where voice is concerned, VivaConnect has the perfect recipe of Voice API to satisfy their client’s requirements.

To use the Voice APIs smartly, VivaConnect has come up with their cloud product, Helo Marketing Cloud. The Helo APIs can be merged with SMS, Voice and the like APIs to open a world of new opportunities. Through Helo, VivaConnect is now enabling the entire world to use voice platform without worrying about expertise, capex, opex, telco commitment etc by just using the Helo APIs.




The API can blend perfectly with any feature. It’s a smart mix of protocols and tools which help to notify the customer in case of missing a call from the client, missed call backed with either SMS, voice call or call patching. APIs can even generate voice scripts for the campaigns. IVR calls with DTMF input are on a rise. This allows the end user to feed its requirement and get the result of the chosen service. Live MIS helps to register all the details of the campaigns, recording all the analytics along with avoiding errors.

With only 35% of internet savvy population in the country, Helo is successful in eliminating the major barrier of no internet connectivity from the shoulders of all agencies, enterprises, aggregators by using voice as a platform for communication with the 800 million mobile users in India who don’t have the internet connectivity as of now. This is an applaudable achievement for the company as this segment of the industry remains untouched by the giants of the digital world- Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and the like.

Helo platform is expected to tap rural India in the best possible way as it is still under the dearth of literacy, internet connectivity, and heavy dependency on low-cost and lower-end feature phones. In such a scenario, voice calls in regional language are still the best option to connect to them.

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