Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Marketing in India

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Vikram Raichura_VivaConnectThe Mobile Marketing Industry in India is currently growing at a very rapid pace. An average Indian spends more than 6.4 hrs on the mobile phone everyday.

The mobile device today has effectively become a radio, a clock, a music player, a gaming device, a newspaper, a video player, in fact it has become the primary communication and entertainment device for a majority part of the consumers living in the media dark areas of India.

With more than 550+ Million active mobile users and more than 147 Million being active mobile internet users in India, this medium has today become one of the largest personalized reach medium across all media vehicles. Also approx. 66% of users access Facebook on their mobile phones and 40% of users access Facebook only from their mobile phones. Nearly 37% of YouTube Videos are also consumed from Mobile Devices.

Marketers have the opportunity to engage and re-engage with these users through Paid Media touch points such as SMS Services, Voice Services, Missed Call services, Video Ads, In App advertisement and Owned Media platforms such as Mobile Apps, Voice Portals and Mobile websites depending on the target audience of the brands.

The influx of cheap smart phones has already triggered the mobile internet revolution in India. A recent IAMAI report states that India would have approx. 185 Million Mobile Internet users by June 2013 which allows marketers and brands to reach 185 Million always connected users.

However the largest challenge facing the Mobile Marketing world is measuring the efficiency of the medium and calculating the ROI for monies spent on Mobile Marketing. The industry does not have any defined and standardized framework to measure the efficiency of this medium like other mediums such as TV, Radio and Print.

Also since mobile marketing in India is evolving by the hour, today’s mobile marketer does not have the luxury of any mobile media planning tool which can help him make media plans on the basis of target audience, reach and frequency.

In India, a lot of marketers are using this medium only to amplify their brand communication that is already being done on TV, Radio, Print and Social Media platforms. As marketers take a step forth to strategize & initiate Mobile First campaigns for brands, developing brand proposition and leveraging its power of engagement in multiple ways, then that shall truly be the dawn of mobile marketing In India.

—By Vikram Raichura, Managing Director, VivaConnect Pvt. Ltd

As told to Mouseworld Now correspondent

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