Celebrating International Women’s Day

By March 8, 2017 No Comments

She is everywhere.

Your better half, your company partner, your competitor, your daughter, your mother.

More roles but a veil of silence covers her.

She is your role model, your strength, your power, your everything.

She molds into what you want her to be. Your caretaker, your willpower, your love. But let her be herself. Her dreams fly like yours do.

She is her own glory, her own future’s architect, her shape’s engineer, her life’s boss, a doctor of her own heartbreaks.

She is beautiful in her own way. Love her for who She is.

She creates a world around you, a world of which you are a part, too.



A day to celebrate the evergreen beauty of hers. A day to celebrate her every day’s victory. A day to celebrate her roles and the roles She plays in our lives.

We at Vivaconnect would like to thank the Woman Hood for everything they have done for us.


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