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Catalyse SMS marketing with automated analytics!!

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Here is how you can smartly channelize your efforts.

Whenever any marketer is planing a marketing campaign,the basic thing he or she worries about is marketing budget and return on investment.

So the focus is on reducing marketing budget and increasing the ROI. Businesses use combination of channels for marketing and advertising.

If you really want to interact with customers where they live and work, it’s essential to reach out through smartphones, cellphones and mobile devices. One of the most powerful tools used is mobile marketing of which SMS is very important part.

Mobile marketing is a key to customer engagement in today’s marketplace.

First of all it’s tedious to send SMS manually to every potential customer ,so in comes bulk SMS method .Now trick is using bulk SMS tool smartly which means you can’t just go on sending SMS randomly to everyone ,you need to send it to right person at right time ,for which we use SMS automation.

Let’s see what is SMS automation

· SMS automation is a feature that allows you to have your messages automatically sent out according to a predefined schedule.

· The texts can be automatically personalized however you want (with first name, business name, location, etc.), and integrated into any number of marketing automation campaigns.

· We can schedule mobile messages to be delivered at an effective date and time, including timezone modification.Mobile messages can be personalized to increase conversions and customer loyalty.

· You can now use auto responders to send mobile messages in response to contact actions, and behavior-based targeting to reach the right audience at just the right time. Typical mobile auto responders include welcome messages to increase conversions and personalized product discounts to combat cart abandonment. Behavior-based mobile campaigns are often used for billing/subscriptions, product updates and seasonal promotions.

The next big step is SMS analytics .

SMS analytics help sales and marketing professionals qualify leads. Here we can track our SMS campaign and see who opens the SMS ,who seems interested in what ,at what time and within how much time they open SMS. This information is very crucial to make an impact.

Cross-platform campaigns are a great way to both improve your marketing automation and get better analytics about where and how your messages are working.

Helo Campaign is a product of Helo Marketing, which is integrated with AI based analytics. It will give you estimate of how many messages you need to send to get required number of clicks and cost for your SMS campaign .Helo will show you numbers at real time on dashboard and will give you facility to customize your own template to schedule SMS campaign .

To be more specific Helo analytics will provide date wise stats ,user stats ,user mobile details ,social influence ,demographic information ,traceable links along with SMS automation.With such detailed data available you can plan and channel efforts more smartly ,acquire and retain customers in a better way .

‘Helo campaign’ run by VivaConnect provides you very effective SMS automation and analytics which will help you to reduce your marketing budget by 25% and increase ROI by 1.5 times .

For more information visit website or call on +91 83 83 83 83 99 .

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