Business on Mobile? Certainly Is yours? Err.. Probably!

By December 17, 2013 No Comments

Each day I spend countless hours interacting with different companies initiating solutions over mobile platforms, where much is discussed about mobile apps. I often begin by asking them if they have a mobile app for internal operation such as Management of inventory, purchase, supply, orders, sales force, etc. To which the answer is No in 90% cases.

Which makes way for my favorite question to follow, Do they ever thought of having such an app to regulate their business? .. where 100% diligently answer with Yes.

Not with much surprise, everyone unanimously agrees that at some point they did think of having a mobile app and interestingly everyone believed of having if not the app then at least a strategy for it in next 12 months.

One needs to understand that with future there are probabilities and certainties. Businesses running & benefiting over customized mobile apps is a certainty, but whether you would be one among those is a probability. The moment you wish to go from probability to certainty, you arrive at the golden question, How to?

While a handful of companies have a fully fledged IT department that can build up a mobile application suiting their needs, many would lack such IT backing or the know-how of it. Such companies can hire someone exclusively for the job. It’s actually a nice way of having an in-house resource for the purpose. Its often easy on pocket and more or less serves the purpose.

Or a better opinion, get a professional to do it. Assign your requirement to an experienced mobile app developer and get one robust mobile application that would stand strong with functionality and utility. You see there’s a complex technological backdrop to these simple looking applications which needs to be revamped with newer technology, so hiring the best pays off in the long run. Its ensures cross platform compatibility and refined features with easy upgrades.

Inevitably every business would be controlling operations beautifully over Mobile apps just in 2 years and the one who gets there sooner shall stand apart from the crowd. Now it’s up to you whether to be certain or probable!


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