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Brands are worried about the SMS Price Hike. Lets Solve it

By May 22, 2018 No Comments

You dont have to worry. Helo Marketing has the solution.

We feel compelled to inform about the inevitable price revision, due to a sudden increase in the Bulk SMS rates by the major telecom operators since 15th May 2018. Due to the CARTEL Policy, there is a steep change in A2P messaging cost. The bulk SMS rates have now been revised. This is because of the 3 major players, Airtel, Reliance Jio & Vodafone that drive the market, are now setting the benchmark for quality of service, volume, capacity and pricing.

However, businesses that are still looking for quality outcome can conveniently invest in Helo Marketing Cloud.

Run an effective campaign that assures a better ROI & also reduce your cost by 25%.

Helo offers intelligent data driven marketing that helps businesses to get 60% — 70% customers coming back on a monthly basis. Helo helps businesses to optimize their outlay by investing efficiently and tracking intelligently. With us, businesses can be assured to get a worthy benefit for the price they invest.

The automated campaigns of Helo help you to study deep about the ground level analytics and get 10% increase in spend every time a customer visits.

Business can connect with Helo for lead generation, brand awareness, engagement, customer acquisition, feedback, surveys, contests, loyalty and media effectiveness tracking.

Helo campaigns are 10 times more effective than traditional marketing that offer 5 times guaranteed return on investment. Connect today!

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