Bharatiya Janata Party & VivaConnect’s ‘LiveTalk’ – A finalist in 4 categories at Smarties India 2014

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LiveTalk qualifies as a finalist at MMA’s Smarties India Award 2014 in whooping 4 categories, we hold on to edge of our seats with fingers crossed.

fingers crossed


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) & VivaConnect Pvt. Ltd.’s  joint nomination ‘LiveTalk’ is a finalist in following 4 categories

1. Relation Building / CRM
2. Cross Media Integration
3. Innovation
4. Best Brand Experience in Mobile Rich Media.




About LiveTalk:

India being a feature phone heavy market with only 17.15% mobile internet users. Penetration of voice services stands strong building 99% reach. Thus the idea was of taking Narendra Modi’s voice, that is a voice of a promising and confident leader and delivering it to every Indian commoner’s ear.

Broadcasting recorded events was easier & attempted earlier but Live audio broadcast of an event in real time over a phone call had never been attempted. Hence a creative Strategy was sketched by BJP and VivaConnect to build a connect over Mobile through Live Audio Broadcast on voice call – LiveTalk.

With LiveTalk, BJP got instant connect with the audience where they could hear Narendra Modi talking to them “LIVE” over mobile.


  •  430 Public rallies covered with LiveTalk across India
  • 3,245,783 LiveTalk Calls received
  • More than 800 hours of LIVE Audio Broadcast consumed
  • More than 350 hours of pre-recorded Voice Broadcast
  • Uninterrupted service across 29 Indian states & 7 Union territories

BJP had a landslide victory winning 282 seats of Indian Parliament and Narendra Modi got anointed as 15th Prime Minister of India on 26th May, 2014.

LiveTalk become an innovative service of its kind.

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