Are you targeting the right audience?

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“One size does not fit all” is a common line most fashion designers use.

And perhaps it’s time for marketing agencies too to start using this line while devising their marketing strategies as most of the times, the marketed products are not for the masses but for a specific set of people which need to be clearly identified.

In fact, today, the first basic question faced by every marketer is—Am I reaching out to the right audience with the right medium? This question can set the base for all the strategic steps that can be undertaken to generate leads and the answer to this question could be the funnel approach.

Have you seen a funnel? Have a look at it again. It will teach how you need to narrow down your means to communicate with the target audience. If the objective is to reach the specified masses, then Big Data and Analytics (via artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms) can be specially used for effective targeting that can yield better and cost-effective results. Through this way, brands can know about what, how, when to communicate with the customers and through which medium. Here, SMS-based campaigns for razor sharp precision and targeting cannot be given a miss.

The benefits of knowing your target audience for SMS marketing are many like you can build the right content for the right person and flash it at the right times. This can also help you plan your marketing strategy effectively. Here, Vivaconnect’s latest core product—Helo Marketing Cloud that includes Helo SMS Campaigns deserve a special mention.

Benefits of Helo SMS Campaigns

Helo SMS Campaigns are tailor-made keeping in mind client’s requirement and ensure that they get accurate and expected results. Clients are assured of a seamless communication flow and an increased ROI. In fact, Helo SMS Campaigns increases SMS marketing ROI by 1.5x at 25 per cent lower cost.

Further, it clearly helps the brand in extending its reach, engagement, profile and also in retargeting and automating the entire process. What more? Lead generation, brand awareness, customer acquisition, feedback, surveys, customer service notification, contests, loyalty and media effectiveness tracking is all a cake walk with Helo SMS Campaigns. 

There is a lot more that Helo offers…

In keeping with the technological advancement and level of competition, Helo Marketing Cloud offers a range of digital solutions. From SMS Campaigns to voice, digital and social media management platforms, it offers a range of services to reach the potential market.

Helo’s analytical engine provides important business insights to the marketers like…

  • Data wise statistics: You can get daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly reports to make accurate decisions.
  • User statistics: You can know your present, new and repeat customers with its razor sharp analytical data.
  • User mobile details: Be it Android, iOs or tablet, you can get all information pertaining to user affluence.
  • Social media influence: From those influencing and to what will influence your customer, you can get all details at one go.
  • Demographic information: You can learn who is hitting the ‘Like’ button more or sharing it.
  • Traceable links: You can even find out which mobile user’s network is consuming your message and how it likes to get its message.

Overall, an exhaustive real-time analytical dashboard of Helo Marketing Cloud showcases campaign performance and user behavior based on measurable data, thus, providing efficient business insights for high precision targeting.

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