5 Life lessons from a bungy jump.

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VivaConnect founder and CEO Mr. Vikram Raichura share his personal experience

In his voice : During the past couple of weeks, I was off for a family holiday to the Himalayas. At the fag end of our trip we landed in Rishikesh and went for extreme adventure sports. Little did I know that I would not only enjoy the bungy jump, but cherish the learning for life. Just thought of sharing the same with everyone.

  • There is no compulsion to do anything in life: Its a rule at this bungy place, that they will not push you down if you don’t want to jump. They would give you one more opportunity after the first failed attempt, if you still don’t jump for the second attempt you are promptly sent back. Similarly, Be authentic in life, Don’t wait for somebody to push you to get things done. Just do things only if you really want to do it. If you get this, you will never have Monday Morning Blues nor would you be desperate for a vacation or a party.


  • Give up control, Trust your Team: There is a lot of preparation required for a safe and successful jump, similarly to run our business smoothly, we need to trust our team and give up on controlling them or micro managing them. This will lead to developing their potential and significantly increase your capacity to get things done effectively.


  • No matter how hard you fall, you will always come up: Once you let go from the platform, the first few seconds you will feel that you have committed the worst mistake of your life, but eventually the fall breaks and then you come up and down and up and down and then you start enjoying the same. So whatever happens in life, any ups and downs, don’t bother just enjoy it…eventually you are going to come up right on your two feet smiling.


  • Don’t worry even if your upside down: Once you have stabilized from the jump but you are still upside down, you feel tremendous pressure in your head, don’t worry. There are few people just waiting to hold you and release you. Similarly sometimes in life we feel everything that is happening in life is wrong, don’t fret, just keep moving, there will be someone who will definitely help you out and bring you out of the mess.


  • There is nothing to achieve after all: Once I was laying back after the harness removed, I couldn’t speak, I was just laughing out loud and could stop only after a few minutes. Upon contemplating on what I achieved by doing this, I had no answers…Actually I got nothing, I simply lived in the moment without any fear. I realized in Life too…there is nothing to achieve just live in the moment without fear and enjoy the gift of life.


Vikram Raichura, Founder & CEO, VivaConnect Pvt ltd.

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