4 Trends in Marketing Automation that will rule 2018

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A tool that a lot of businesses are seeing potential in & is consistently gaining their trust is Marketing automation.

It doesn’t come across as a surprise when we see many business owners taking advantage of this system. The businesses using this system have reported a 451% increase in qualified leads, as reported by Hubspot. Marketing automation is dynamic and hence, it’s developed and updated on a daily basis.

How does having hundreds of potential leads for your marketing and sales team and allowing them to nurture those leads without getting overwhelmed sound? That’s basically the purpose of having a marketing automation tool. This allows you to create the best leads that eventually become returning customers. It also allows you to treat each customer with a personalized touch.

Current Trends Going Into 2018

In order to properly look at the potential trends of 2018 we should first look at the current trends in 2017:

The rising importance and effectiveness of Digital Channels

This year has been all about generating more leads and improving generation of leads. For most of these businesses, digital channels are acting like a barrier to that success. The most successful channels of a company are its website and social media handles but they’re also the most difficult to execute. If a company isn’t using external help, it gets very tough to have ad documented strategy and many don’t even use available tools; like marketing automation to improve them.
Marketing Automation Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Marketing Automation currently receives around 10,000 searches in certain countries and the searches for all related keywords are 1,00,000 a month. 6 months ago, these numbers were not half of what they are today; so it’s obvious that multiple business owners now understand the importance of marketing automation.

Businesses without Digital Marketing Knowledge Are Beginning To Fail

Not all business owners are well-versed with digital marketing and its effectiveness. However, sooner or later, they all need to understand/realize that digital marketing is more than what we see or know of and lack of understanding about this topic will do more harm than good. A good percentage of small businesses don’t even know what SEO means.


Predicted Trends

Let’s have a look at some of the trends that we expect to pop-up in the upcoming year.

  1. The consistent rise of marketing automation will continue. Owing to the immense success that this tool has brought to businesses, it’s likely to be adapted by more businesses. Features like smart link allow a business to track the data of a lead as soon as he clicks on it.
  2. Companies who lack adequate digital knowledge will suffer the most and feel handicapped trying to catch up with competitors. The constant technological development and ease of access towards digital mediums have made the rise of digital era imminent.
  3. As mentioned earlier, automation is a dynamic process and thanks to this factor, it will only improve and serve us better. Better filtering options, personalized interactions and seamless communication are some of the updates that we can look forward to.
  4. Talk with many but communicate with one. That’s right, the successor of the long-dead mass marketing; mass personalization is better and improved. Backing on the development of AI algorithms, tools can now collect loads of data from a potential leads social networks, online purchases, app downloads and more.


Lets Automate

Get your marketing systems automated because it is important as the sooner you get it done, the longer you have a step up on your competitors. Automation platforms like Helo Marketing Cloud allow businesses to automate and target the absolutely needed communication to the right audience at the right time and through a link click you can know consumer behaviour reports real time with predictive analytics. Helo Marketing Cloud dashboard provides a user-friendly-interface designed to consolidate an otherwise confused clutter of disparate data sources in a single display.  Helo Marketing Cloud’s analytical components consist of Date-wise stats, User stats, User mobile details, social influence, Demographic information, Traceable links etc.

Added features to this are not offered by many marketing automation tools, but with Helo SMS campaigns steep targeting reaches a new level with DND & Non clicker feature! What is it? A potential audience targeting list consists of numbers that have activated DND (Do not Disturb) or user who haven’t click on the sms link. When you use Helo, we allow you to reach these unapproachable leads too by auto targeting with digital ads on face book and Google thereby maximizing your reach and increasing your potential business.


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