Learn how SMS and Facebook re-marketing can get you more leads

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Are you advertising your business on SMS? Do you want to increase your ROI with retargeting campaigns?

If yes, you’re at the right place! SMS backed by Facebook retargeting is one of the most powerful ways to re-engage with your audience and get more sales.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the mechanism of how a combination of SMS campaign backed by Facebook retargeting can work wonders and then reveal three audiences that you should be using for your business right now.


But first, what is SMS backed by Facebook Remarketing?


A super-brief overview: SMS backed by Facebook remarketing (or retargeting – both mean the same) is a marketing technique that allows you to reach people who have previously not responded to your SMS campaigns: clicked/unclicked your SMS link or they are DND subscribers.

On Facebook, you can auto-create retargeting audiences based on your customer behavior on the SMS Campaign activity.


For example, you can take your selected number database list for SMS campaigns and shoot it through our analytical bound SMS platform namely (Helo SMS campaigns) and what exactly this platform will do is as per the reports of the SMS campaign done a segment-wise custom audience will be auto-created on your registered facebook ad manager account (This involves identification of registered Facebook users on the given number) and you can manually set Facebook remarketing campaigns with content customizations as per your strategy.

What’s even more exciting, you can use retargeting to reach people who have visited your website as the third step of SMS backed by Facebook Remarketing technique.

To do that, you will need to add the Facebook pixel to your website first. Then, after someone visits your site and goes back to Facebook, not Helo platform this time but Facebook will match them with registered users and add to a specific targeting list – a Website Custom Audience.

Here’s how you can expertly use custom audiences and Website custom audiences for your business.


1. Retargeting All Non-clickers

Let’s examine our first audience – all non-clickers of your SMS Campaign.

The remarketing non-clickers audiences’ will only start building up after a day of the SMS campaign execution. As per the reports, a custom audience will be created after detection of the registered Facebook id linked with the number of the user. This will be auto-generated by API linked to helo platform and client registered facebook Ad account. The client can further start the Facebook campaign as per the desired content and budget of retargeting. Non-clickers of an SMS campaign are mostly 95% of the total database that includes DND(Do not disturb) numbers. Earlier it was impossible to reach them after they have shown disinterest in the SMS sent to them but with helo SMS campaign backed by Facebook retargeting you can target a user in a 360-degree approach which increases the lead generation graph.


2. Retargeting All DND (Do not Disturb) numbers

Retargeting of DND numbers acts the same way as non-clickers. DND numbers share a handsome amount of existence in any customer SMS database. These users are mostly premium with high segment smartphones and are not easily approachable but with helo SMS campaigns approaching them is a cakewalk. This was never done or thought off before as DND numbers do not even receive any SMS sent to them with promotional activity and they majorly constitutes almost 40% of the total non-clickers custom audience. As you know, a DND premium user has to be targeted with unique content or brand offers to get a response as they are the biggest money spenders on the board. It’s easy to retarget them with helo sms platform backed by facebook retargeting now.



3. Retargeting the Clickers

We’re getting even more precise here!

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if you could show ads to people based on the exact behavior of the user?

With helo SMS backed by Facebook retargeting a custom audience of the clickers can be generated on the ad manager account of the client. These are the people who clicked on the SMS link and came on the website or any desired medium of the client. If Facebook pixels are integrated on the client website then facebook can give bifurcation of the user behavior between how many users landed on the website and did nothing and how many did buy the product/registered or subscribed.

You can retarget the conventional and non-conventional behavior user segments with specific content for each respectively and get a better response, in turn, generating the desired ROI over the leads.


Final Word

As you can see from the examples above, there are a lot of useful ways to use SMS campaigns backed by Facebook retargeting: from re-engaging with Non-clickers and DND users to targeting those visitors who dropped at the very final step in the sales funnel and to those who actually bought the product.

Now back to you:

Are you using SMS Campaign backed by Facebook retargeting mechanism? Where can you find it? Exactly here.

Please visit: www.helo.co.in or give us a missed call on +91 83 83 83 83 99


Your dream “ROI” is closer than you think

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ROI? Get the Marketing Automation tool.

Get the tool which makes your marketing very effective. Don’t just drag the burden when you have a marketing specialist for the same who has the right wheel to increase your ROI speed. Well, that is what makes it more effective than most people think! Ideally, there are a few chores on a marketers bucket list which are repetitive and have to be conducted on a regular basis. Marketing automation automates these chores, this means that these chores are automatically taken care of and you need only to over-look it from time to time.

How this process is beneficial for the growth of your company? Well after a marketer automates his tasks, automation takes care of it all. This frees up time and space for the marketer, to use his creative inputs and direct them towards other essential tasks. While in the background your customers are being effectively targeted through the tool of automation. The conclusion is that automation is a tool which works together with you to build your brand and sell your product.


Below are a few features triggered by the use of marketing automation in all the helo SMS Campaigns:


Retargeting to non-click numbers

When you are targeting your customers through the means of SMS marketing, almost 80% of them are going to turn up to be non-clicking customers. These are the customers who will never view or open an SMS feed on their device. How will a marketer target these customers who are potential clients? But stay away from your brand due to their habit of not clicking. Marketing Automation is the answer to these questions. Automation effectively targets customers who fall into the non-clicking criteria and a custom audience is auto prepared to be uploaded on your facebook, linkedin and other social media ad managers account in the phenomenon of retargeting. This means that the various SMS that they’ve been avoiding due to their habit has finally reached them through retargeting. The recall value of the brand increases in such scenarios.


Retargeting to DND numbers

SMS marketing has another enemy out there which acts as a complete barrier between your marketing strategy and your potential clients. The DND feature is an evil, marketers are usually faced with. DND stands for Do-Not-Disturb, this feature is activated from the customer’s end and this right is effectively protected by TRAI under strict rules & regulations. For a marketer, an SMS media plan fails miserably as there is no forecast of the outcome generated by the media spend. If a customer chooses to put your service on the DND list, your SMS marketing is not even reaching the customer you are targeting, forget the non-clicking part. With Retargeting automation of helo, know the bifurcation of DND users in your complete database and target them effectively on digital marketing mediums. Helo automation takes care of the DND numbers, in the same manner, it takes care of the non-clicking numbers.


Get insightful Demographics

The most important tool for a marketer is to know their audience. Helo SMS is a key to unlock the most insightful demographics a marketer can ask for and all of these on a single dashboard. After your workflow is automated, automation will also derive the most particular demographics of your customers. At the end of the day, you will be able to identify your customer’s location, taste, preferences and the exact kind of content that attracts them. This makes the marketing process a cake walk for you. Once you know what to deliver to your customer you are driving your company’s revenue upwards.

In all, the benefits that automation holds in store for your business is innumerable. An effective marketing automation will not only drive your company towards revenue generation but also lead to operational efficiency and simultaneously help you convert leads that were basically out of your reach. Marketing automation is a true marketers dream and to witness this dream further and first hand, get in touch for a free demo.

Visit : www.helo.co.in or give a missed call on +91 83 83 83 83 99

Unlock a new level of retargeting through Helo

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How exactly a customer behaves on a website? This question sets the most important parameter in a successful conversion journey. For some industries, like e-commerce, only 2% of people convert on their first visit. So what do you think, has to be done to improve upon and get the sales figure soaring flying colors? Later, learn how our core product Helo SMS Campaigns can combine retargeting with one of its many unique features to deliver a successful campaign which no one has innovated yet.

But first for retargeting – Luckily, you can smooth the path by including retargeting campaigns as part of your strategy. People who have already visited your website but took no action, or have given you their email from a previous transaction, can be reactivated through ads that help them take that next step from consideration to conversion.
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